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Advanced results with beginner’s knowledge  
Paper Killer gives you the power of the most advanced hypertext management tools available on the market, but requires no more technical skills than a common word processor. So, with Paper Killer you can obtain professional results without being or paying a technician. 
Paper Killer offers a wealth of other long-term advantages. With an extremely gradual learning curve, Paper Killer lets you start being productive right away, and becomes more powerful as your documents grow in complexity. It is very powerful under the hood, making it easy to design frame sets, mouse-over changing images, tables, pop-up windows, elaborate link structures and much more, all without coding and all visual! 
Simply click the tool buttons: 
The objects toolbar: you can easily insert images, tables and forms, using simple, yet comprehensive windows. 
We can’t display all of the available windows, please download the trial version and take a deeper look. 
This example shows the image insertion window: 
The image insertion window. Please notice that you can easily reuse the images used elsewhere in your current hypertext 
Image properties 
The image properties window; you can set a mouse-over image here (Image >Properties)
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