Easy Web editor
Create Web sites with ease!!

EasyWebEditor is an easy-to-use visual tool for quickly and efficiently creating Internet pages and Web sites. Main features:

  • fully visual, no coding
  • can manage a whole site as a single file (you donít need to continuously load and save pages, as you act on a whole document, even for searches and revisions)
  • simultaneous browsing and editing (you can browse links with a double click)
  • visual linking, with active previews, even when you show separate windows and/or insert complex frame-to-frame links
  • internal Internet publishing (FTP), with automatic detection of modified pages; compatible with any browser!
  • hundreds of functions: frames with drag &†drop, mouse over sensible images, header and footers, styles, advanced frame set management, slides, keywords, internal album, forms and much more...
  • main functions very similar to standard Word Processors ones, reduced learning time
  • advanced functions available for experts: you can insert HTML and so on...
  • fast and smart, can run yet on a P100 with 16MB RAM. Do not use any DLL.

    In short it is designed to save you time and effort.

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